Dietitian Services

Nutritional needs vary amongst all of us, and for seniors to stay healthy it is important to make sure they eat a variety of foods, get enough protein, calcium, fiber and fluids. Starlight Caregivers can arrange a special consultation with a registered dietitian (R.D.) to determine the correct diet and help to prepare a proper meal plan. Our caregivers then apply this important plan to the client’s daily diet by preparing and serving the meals.

Getting proper nutrition can be challenging for some because caloric needs decrease and tastes and appetites can change. Getting enough protein in your diet is important for your body’s immune system to fight off infections and illness, as well as its ability to repair and maintain body tissue and muscle mass.

As we all know, calcium is important for the health of bones and teeth, but also as muscle contraction and helps play a role in decreasing hypertension (high blood pressure), colon cancer and kidney stones. The dietitian may suggest four 8-ounce glasses of low-fat milk, foods fortified with calcium, or calcium citrate supplements.

Fluids are extremely important for seniors in order to prevent dehydration and constipation as indicated by dehydration being the most frequent causes of hospitalization among people over 65 years. As we age, “thirst” recognition doesn’t work as well, so we don’t feel so thirsty even when we need fluid. Drinking plenty of fluids, especially water, is very important.

Another important component of your diet is fiber as it can help with constipation and may help decrease the risk for colon cancer and lower cholesterol. Whole grain cereals, breads and pasta and brown rice are great sources of fiber, as well as fruits, vegetables, dried beans or legumes, and nuts.

A registered dietitian is a food and nutrition expert who has met the numerous academic and professional requirements to qualify for the credential "RD." The Starlight Caregivers team is happy to locate the perfect registered dietitian whom can help clients with food or drug interaction, proper hydration, special diets for hypertension and changing taste buds. Then leave the meal preparation, serving, and cleanup to us!